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Feedback on Transition Streets from the Spring 2015 Pilot Groups: “The notion that change is easier when you are enjoying doing it and doing it with others.” “It looks so comprehensive and...

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The Transition Network conference this year was held in rural Devon in the South of England at a former agricultural college called Seale-Hayne.  From September 18th through the 20th 350...


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Over the next couple of months we'll be exploring Practical Projects, one element of our Support Offer.  Our  Transition Initiative Support Coordinator Mike Thomas introduces the theme:  Practical Projects Practical projects show that change is possible and that Transition is a...

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Image: trialsanderrors/Flickr CC. Financial markets have been turbulent as of late with no end in sight. A sagging global economy could overwhelm America’s recovery efforts with toxic effects on key climate change and clean energy initiatives now underway. The Federal Reserve’s recent decision to...