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Image: REconomy workshop at the International Transition Conference, courtesy of Transition Network.

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Dear Transition Community, As a small, scrappy, and resourceful non-profit, there are few things we are in need of to help us do our work more effectively: ·         Donated...


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Transition Culture

Lou Hemmerman, a sustainable activism researcher and facilitator with Ecodharma, shares her learnings from 6 years of action-research whilst co-facilitating Sustaining Resistance: Empowering Renewal, a 10 day residential workshop for activists. Lou lives at Ecodharma, a land-based community and...


As the city of Flint, Michigan is still mired in the aftermath of the contamination of its water supply—a public health disaster that has left thousands of residents exposed to dangerous levels of lead—it’s encouraging to see evidence of positive health-related reinvestments in this Rustbelt city.

Transition Voice

Photo: jankie/Flickr CC. This is the second of two parts. Read Part 1 here. — Ed. My mother didn’t die when so many others did – and so lived to give birth to me. I write about this now, because it has everything to do with today, even though the cataclysm in which so many perished happened...

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