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Egleston Square is a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood, straddling the borders of Roxbury and Jamaica Plain (JP) in the city of Boston. High condo prices and even higher rents are pushing long-term...

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JOIN US FOR AN IMPORTANT TELESEMINAR – “The Maturation of a Social Movement A Regional Response to a Critique of the Transition Movement” Date:  Thursday, November 6, 2014 - 11am PST/...

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As architects and developers plan new developments, they are certainly thinking about roads, parking spaces and footprints, but are they also thinking about productive plantings, the role of rooftop gardens and biodiversity?  Almost certainly not.  Having visited some great urban...


Because of its emphasis on liberty, autonomy, free will, and consent, the Enlightenment tradition of Liberalism has, I will be arguing, in large part been based on the rejection of whole-system thinking.  

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Photo: ⋯ L I Z ⋯/Flickr. Garrett Hardin was a lad who not only thought a lot, but could also think well. I recently discovered a Hardin book I had not heard of, The Ostrich Factor: Our Population Myopia (1998). Hardin was an interesting blend of an ecological conservative, and a growth-hating...