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Transition Culture

Transition Network's Transition Initiative Support Coordinator Mike Thomas reports from the recent Transition Roadshow in Penwith, Cornwall: The Penwith ‘Rethinking our Economic Future’ event was great and I hope that Transition Penwith members have been taking a long deserved rest after...


Last week’s discussion of externalities—costs of doing business that get dumped onto the economy, the community, or the environment, so that those doing the dumping can make a bigger profit—is, I’m glad to say, not the first time this issue has been raised recently.

Transition Voice

Why don’t more homes have this sign? Photo: U.S. Department of Agriculture/Flickr. Some people who worry about peak oil like to point out that renewable energy won’t save us. That is, given the amount of fossil fuels that the world uses today, it would take an unrealistically large...