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Last fall, Transition leaders who had participated in the Art of Participatory Leadership trainings in northern California teamed up with the Sebastopol Village Building Convergence to design a...

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Update: As of 12/31/14, 83 communities across the U.S. have signed up to participate in the People's State of the Union by hosting a "story circle" between January 23-30, 2015. Read on to learn more...

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Pamela Boyce Simms is convener of the Mid-Atlantic Transition Hub, which brings together and supports Transition groups from southern Connecticut to Virginia in the US. She is also a very active Transition trainer and is also involved in interfaith work.  Given our ongoing exploration of the...


The concept of the precariat, from Wiktionary: “People suffering from precarity, especially as a social class; people living a precarious existence, without security or predictability, especially job security.”

Transition Voice

Over a single century fighting wars of conquest, the U.S. expanded from a republic of manageable size to a globe-spanning American empire. There’s lots of talk of localization or re-localization in the Transition movement and among environmentalists and economic justice advocates generally....