2013 Transition US Survey

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the Transition US survey! Your input will inform TUS activities and support the following goals: 

TUS goals:

1. Build the movement by:

a) increasing the capacity of & strengthening existing TIs,

b) inspiring and encouraging the launch of new TIs,

c) networking TIs and Mullers to have regional impact,

d) providing training to emerging and existing Transition leaders, and

e) ensuring that the TN/TUS national hub agreements are being met through the fulfillment of the above. 

2. Increase TUS’s capacity to

a) raise awareness about the movement,

b) build programming that strengthens Transition Initiatives and the movement and

c) create programs that result in measurable impact both on national and local scales. 

3. To mirror the diversity of the United States in Transition Initiatives by supporting Initiatives’ efforts to include all major cultural and demographic segments of their local communities. 

Survey goals:

1. Identify areas to focus resources on in our mutual “building of the Movement”:

a. Which TI’s could benefit from extra training/support?

b. Which of the TI’s that are going strong could with some additional resources have significant impact in their communities, with potential for replication and/or regional impact?

c. What clusters of TI’s could benefit from regional support? 

2. Identify high performing Mulling groups that are ready to become official Transition Initiatives.

3. Identify who’s working with other TIs/Mullers/partner groups in their region to see what networks already exist and have potential for a more unified regional impact

4. Gather data on current impacts of TIs: #’s engaged, action projects, news articles, legislation passed, and qualitative stories from the field.

5. Identify TIs that can be showcased as examples/case studies as both inspiration for other TIs and Mullers and for potential fundraising.

6. Identify projects that have the potential for national replication.

7. Identify gaps in projects/resources/materials that are needed/in demand.

8. Assess the value of TUS programs and resources to TI’s and Mulling groups and ascertain areas for additional programming.

9. Gather data to share with the network, the public and potential funders.

10. Assess the Movement’s progress in increasing diversity and collect specific strategies groups have used in this regard.


Below are the links for the three versions of the survey:

Survey for active Transition Initiatives

Survey for mulling Transition groups

Survey for Transition Initiatives that are no longer active

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