How to Organize Power Down Week

Monday, February 24, 2014 - 11:00am - 12:15pm

Join us to learn about the model of Transition Milwaukee's successful Power Down Week, now in its 5th year, a weeklong event to raise awareness of energy consumption and promote powered-down alternatives.

Hear the story of how ideas got put in to motion, the challenges, growth and future vision for powering down Milwaukee.  Join us to learn about Power Down Week activites, get ideas on how to take Power Down week to your own community, and discuss the possibility of organizing a national Power Down week!


This teleseminar will be led by Sarah Zahner and Sarah Moore of Transition Milwaukee (bios below).


Get ready to Power Down together!


Below: Transition Milwaukee's bike-powered generator

Sarah Moore is known as a radical homemaker in Riverwest, an amazing neighborhood of Milwaukee, WI. Sarah started powering down in her own home and quickly saw the opportunity to involve the community, hence the birth of Power Down Week in 2010. Sarah brings her ideas and smiles to others through her creativity, movement, enthusiasm for gardening and permaculture and her ambition. She believes in mixing activism with fun, spirituality and community. Last year Sarah spent 10 months in Northern Wisconsin at Teaching Drum Outdoor School. She continues to teach and learn as she shares her talents and the things she has learned with the world.

Zahner found her local family of friends through Transition Milwaukee after migrating from the Philadelphia suburbs in 2010. As a Transition US trainer, she thrives on discussions about inner transitioning and relationship building. She strives to create opportunities for herself and others to feel welcomed and connected without the pressure of feeling over-committed. Her personal goal, as a Power Down Week organizer, is to not only reduce our carbon footprint but to also power down internal stresses.  Zahner believes that through community collaboration, tapping into events and resources that already exist and encouraging fun events that make us feel alive we can truly Power Down. 


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