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Feedback on Transition Streets from the Spring 2015 Pilot Groups: “The notion that change is easier when you are enjoying doing it and doing it with others.” “It looks so comprehensive and...

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The Transition Network conference this year was held in rural Devon in the South of England at a former agricultural college called Seale-Hayne.  From September 18th through the 20th 350...

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Over the next couple of months we'll be exploring Practical Projects, one element of our Support Offer.  Our  Transition Initiative Support Coordinator Mike Thomas introduces the theme:  Practical Projects Practical projects show that change is possible and that Transition is a...


In 2015, this welcoming café-like sanctuary has offered warmth, a listening ear – and most importantly, it has handed out more than 2,700 food parcels to people of differing backgrounds and ages who are all part of the hunger crisis that is reshaping Britain.

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Photo: Mihnea Stanciu/Flickr CC. There are times that I find myself wandering pensively in the woods, asking aloud, “so how should I presume?” I just read about the land sinking — up to thirteen inches a year in some places — in the Central Valley of California. I also just read about...