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The civil war in Syria was triggered by a five year drought, which laid waste to a large portion of Syrian agriculture.  This drought, NOAA has confirmed, was considerably exacerbated by global...


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I am one of the people who made it to the end of watching the series 'Lost'.  I really quite enjoyed it in places, but in the end it got bogged down in its own silliness, with plot lines that went nowhere and the promise that the whole thing would eventually make sense (which it never did),...


Yet another United Nations climate confab is about to commence, this time in Paris, France, where the tragic backdrop of terrorism, war, and a growing immigration crisis now grips the country.

Transition Voice

Gas may be even cheaper where you live. Unless you call it “petrol,” of course, and then it’s probably not. Photo: Mike Mozart/Flickr CC. Yesterday, in Virginia, I filled up my gas tank for $2.75 a gallon. At that price, even old peak oilers like my wife and I hardly think about...