163. Transition Town Jericho

‚ÄčTransition Town Jericho (TTJ) started in December 2016. A kickoff meeting was held at the Jericho Town Library and 25 people showed up to hear Ruah Swennerfelt from Transition Charlotte speak about traveling around the world to explore the transition town movement. She actually wrote a book about it and enthralled us with her tales! The transition town movement is about building resiliency in our towns and communities to confront peak oil, climate change and the numerous other issues we are facing . RepairCafes, skillsharing, local currencies are just a few manifestations of transition movements; how it manifests itself in Jericho is up to you and I, the people who live here. Vermont hosts a few other transition towns including Montpelier and Charlotte. Jericho's may be the newest to date. From that initial meeting, a steering group was formed and Transition Town Jericho was off the ground! Since then monthly meetings of the steering group have ensued, along with monthly general meetings. Task forces in several areas have been formed, including summer markets on the green/repair cafes, greenhouse building and permaculture design.
Jericho, VT
United States

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