All Together Now: Transition Towns Rise in the U.S.

October 20, 2010
Fin Keegan
Smarter Cities, NRDC

On the national level, America looks unwilling to come to terms either with its addiction to oil or with the need to address global warming, but that pessimistic vision is far from the whole truth. Locally, towns are taking on sustainability issues whether through programs such as New York City's PlaNYC, signing on to the U.S. Mayor's Climate Protection Agreement or by tapping the know-how of their citizens in other ways. One such grassroots movement that travels under the "Transition Town" banner is spreading fast across the US, UK and elsewhere with a strikingly practical and optimistic approach to sustainability.

In fact, more than 320 official initiatives have sprouted up worldwide, alongside a cadre of trainers who travel to communities offering training sessions in relocalization. Boulder City, Colorado, has the distinction of being first to take up the idea state-side and is now one of some 72 Transition Towns in the US.

Photo Credit: danishwindindustry/Flickr

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