Co-founder & President Raven Gray: A joyful, positive, solutions-based approach for Transitions US

June 22, 2010
Interview by Willi Paul
Publication: Magazine


Transition Initiatives work with deliberation & good cheer to create a fulfilling & inspiring life.

Co-founder & President Raven Gray: A joyful, positive, solutions-based approach for Transitions US. Interview by Willi Paul, Magazine 

What are three key transitions that Transitions US has gone through since starting up here? 

Transition US was founded in 2007. That was the first key transition: the formation of our initiating group. The second big transition was in 2008 when we received seed funding that enabled us to become a non-profit, open an office, hire staff and develop a comprehensive website. The third transition has been in process since 2009, with the formation of a solid working board and the development of several important partnerships with national organizations. 

Are we acting through fear these days? 

People come to the Transition Movement in various states of anxiety and despair, and learn to transform their fear into action. They are turned on by our message of hope, and our method of engaged optimism. We paint an enticing picture of the future, one that draws people out of their fearful shells, out from the shade of gloom, into the sunshine of the good life. The Transition process is a joyful, positive, solutions-based approach. It empowers our communities to start planting seeds of change, and to celebrate the great transition of our times. If we had a slogan, it might be "we can do this together for fun!" While fear is ever present in our culture, we do not let fear take the driving seat. We push fear into the gutter and let hope take the road. 

How do you teach your son to innovate? 

My son is the king of innovation. He teaches me how to innovate. If I quiet my mind, my son lets me into his world where everything and anything is possible. A wooden spoon might be a digging tool, a hat, a fire poker, a shoe remover, or a dandelion basher. He lives in a magical realm of imagination and creativity. He is intimately connected with the flow of life. He's in the stream. I'm on the shore. 

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