Edible Landscaping in Parks to Feed the Homeless

May 30, 2011
Sami Grover

It's always seemed strange to me that most parks grow only ornamental flowers and shrubs. Sure, it's nice to have pretty flowers around, but what if our parks also produced food for those who need it? From sharing gardens to community nut tree plantings, we have indeed seen some moves to turn shared land into a productive food producing resource. Now a group of Colorado residents are aiming to utilize multiple city parks to produce 1,500 pounds of produce to help feed the homeless. 


As the video explains, Grow Local Colorado started out with just one garden bed in a park in Denver. But that bed was such a success that the city has since expanded the amount of land given over to the group to 13 garden beds in 8 different parks.

The gardens are maintained by neighborhood groups, churches and non-profits, and the produce that is harvested will be donated at the end of the season to homeless charities and shelters. According to the Huffington Post's write up of the Grow Local Colorado project, the organization is planning to donate 1,500lbs of produce to Denver's Gathering Place, a drop-in center for homeless women and children.






Grow Local Colorado was founded in 2009 by representatives of Transition DenverMile High Business Alliance, andDenver Botanic Gardens.  Since then community partnerships formed with organizations such as 910Arts,Denver Urban GardensSlow Food DenverSustainable Food DenverThe GrowHausBeanstalk FoundationFeed Denver,Volunteers of Outdoor Colorado, among many others. 


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