The Harbor of the Future

April 21, 2011
Joanne Poyourow, Transition Los Angeles
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What might the Harbor Area look like in thefuture? Imagine what businesses and jobs mightexist. How would our lifestyles be different?

How might it be in 2030, when we have dramatically less petroleum resources? With far less oil to fuel transportation, at accordingly higher costs, what will Port volume be like? Our current day lifestyles are completely dependent upon oil. We have built everything upon the erroneous presumption that this limited resource will remainvery cheap and eternally plentiful. It is becoming increasingly evident this brief petroleum era is at its end.

When we contemplate the realities of the not too-distant future, we discover that our present lifestyles are not very resilient. Right now, weare not very well equipped to navigate these sweeping changes.

How might the Harbor Area survive the unpredictable weather that is coming with climate change? Forecasts are for temperature swings, wild storms, erratic rainfall and further droughts that will challenge California agriculture as well as disrupt water supply. How might we cope? Jobless recovery and government cutbacks mean the current “recession” is far from over, plus climate change and the end of cheap oil will worsen economic instabilities. What creative ways will we develop to feed our families?

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