Big Change Coming?

It's time to take our organizing to the next level. Help us build capacity by becoming a Transition Cultivator though a monthly, quarterly or annual financial boost.
Why? Ruah Swennerfelt and Louis Cox, monthly Transition Cultivators have this to say:
"My husband and I chose to support Transition US monthly because the network is essential to the movement."
And more!

"I believe that the Transition Town Movement provides the means for folks in local communities to connect and act for a life after any tragedy that may occur. That tragedy could be as small as a serious traffic accident to larger events such as a hurricane or blizzard or tornado. It could be a banking collapse, reduced availability of fossil fuels, or as big as the projected collapse of civilization. Whatever the event, the chance to know your neighbors, support each other, have fun together, and learn the skills of surviving without fossil fuels is such a bonus that it doesn't matter if there's an immediate emergency or just living in the "long emergency." To know that we are not alone helps us continue to have hope for a resilient future."
Well said Ruah and Louis!  

Please join with them and you too can become a Transition Cultivator today
Carolyne, Maggie, & Marissa
P.S. Thank you to everyone who are already signed up as monthly donors and to each of you that contribute to Transition US with your time, energy, and resources.

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