June Round-up of What's Happening out in the World of Transition - US Edition

Building on the monthly "Roundup of What's Happening in the World of Transiton" pulled together over at Transition Culture, here are some highlights of what's keeping Transition Initiatives busy across the US...

In California > In collaboration with the Sonoma Community Center, the Sonoma Valley Grange, the Sonoma Ecology Center and other partners, Transition Sonoma Valley (TSV) is presenting a series of educational films that explore how communities like ours can respond to current economic and environmental challenges. This month, in place of their normal movie night, Transition Sonoma Valley teamed up with their local Grange to host a Summer Solstice Picnic in the Park. Yum!

Meanwhile, Transition Culver City is getting set for to share the reDiscover Center space with the LA Young Makers as they host their first fix-it workshop

In Massachussetts > Transition Towns Team Up with Community Media Centers for Film Festival - The Transition Towns of Northfield, Northampton, Amherst, Wendell, Greenfield, and Pelham are helping to organize the Pioneer Valley Transition Towns Film Festival scheduled for October 19th at the Greenfield Community College’s Sloan Theatre and they are requesting submissions of locally made films about building community resilience in an uncertain future. The Film Festival’s intention is to create a unique venue--using digital video technology--that will engage residents from all sectors of our communities to come together in the face of economic instability, resource depletion and rapid climate change to create positive, practical action that increases local resilience and economic vitality. By using the Transition Town’s essential elements for local resiliency as film topics, including: food/farming, health/medicine, education, economy, transportation, energy or housing, the festival becomes another way to raise awareness, explore alternatives, come together, encourage local creativity, and build stronger, more cohesive communities.  

In Michigan > Transition Cadillac's 100 YARDen DASH is underway having launched with a party on Earth Day - "The purpose of the 100 YARDen DASH is to challenge the Cadillac Area community to convert at least part of their yard, if not their whole yard, to a food producing garden. We are challenging those who already have a garden, to expand it. Accordingly, with the help of Transition Cadillac, we hope to promote the importance of local food for a sustainable and resilient community, educate the community on how to grow their own food, and provide support. Those who lack the space for a garden are encouraged to find someone willing to offer a land share opportunity or grow food indoors via container gardening. It doesn’t matter if you lack the space for a garden, what matters is that you are growing your own food and learning the necessary skills." Each registered garden received a special sign hand-painted by volunteers. 

Cadillac signs

In Pennsylvania > Transition Honesdale launched the Transition Community Garden at Ellen Memorial and began accepting applications from area residents who would like to garden with us in the 2012 growing season. The community garden is located on the grounds at Ellen Memorial Health Care Center on Golf Hill Road, just minutes from downtown Honesdale. The garden features 25 plots and includes two wheelchair accessible raised beds made possible by a generous donation. Transition Honesdale has also been hosting a wild array of skillsharing workshops from backyard chicken processing to open source software. Check out their photos here

In TexasTransition Austin and Lars Stanley Studio jointly sponsored the tour of the Stanley homestead/business. "We enjoyed learning about how they applied permaculture principles, their architectural expertice, and resilience principles in establishing their home and business site with a family garden. They are stighted in an old neighborhood where many have been food gardening for a lifetime. Green roof, cistern, blacksmith shop, kids, dogs, it was a blast and very educational," wrote Brad Eddins. Meanwhile, Transition Houston has been busy tabling at the Houston Peace Festival and partnering on the Houston Green Film Series.

In VermontTransition Town Charlotte released the 2012 edition of the Charlotte Community Assets Directory. The directory was compiled based on the responses to their Charlotte Community Assets Survey and it contains a wealth of information about skills and resources in Charlotte. Download the PDF here or online at www.transitioncharlottevt.org.

In Wisconsin > Transition Milwaukee is getting set for their 3rd Annual Power Down Week July 7-15, 2012. "During Power Down Week we challenge people to use less EVERYTHING! It is an experiment for individuals and communities. Loaded with activities that help re-educate and beef-up our self-sufficiency, the programs are seemingly run for the community, by the community. In 2011 hundreds of people participated in over 50 different workshops at over 20 locations. Ice Cream Socials, Potlucks and Reskilling Workshops." This year, the organizing committee is partnering with organizations around the city that are working on education and making the city a more resilient, community-driven habitat. On the research front, Transition Milwaukee also teamed up with Olin College of Engineering student Molly Farison who produced a thesis paper giving recommendations to help Transition Milwaukee build on successes, identify challenges and collaborate effectively with other organizations. Read Molly's thesis here





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