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We’ve just launched a crowdfunding campaign to support the national roll-out of Transition Streets, a fun and simple project bringing neighbors together in communities all across the country to take practical action steps toward greater local resilience.

Transition US is inviting each one of you to join in this grassroots funding campaign! We’re raising $15,000 to spread this project far and wide -- and we intend to share up to 75% of that money* with local official Transition Initiatives who are willing to try out Transition Streets!

Please watch this one-minute video about Transition Streets, check out some of the great perks available to thank our supporters, and make a contribution today to help us reach our goal!

Also -- this is very important -- please take a moment to share this in your network. Forward this email widely in your local Transition group, share this on Facebook, and spread the word on other social media, and let your friends know you’re raising funds to bring Transition Streets to your neighborhood!
Help raise much-needed funds for local resilience and bring Transition Streets to your community! Please join our Indiegogo campaign, contribute, and help us spread the word!

Read on to learn more about Transition Streets and how you can get involved in the National Roll-Out...

We’ve tested the Transition Streets project in a dozen pilot communities around the country, and the results have been beautiful -- not only in terms of the energy, water and money saved by all the participants, but in terms of the relationships built in the process of transitioning our homes and our communities to a healthier and more integrated way of living.

Our goal is to bring Transition Streets to over 100 additional communities around the country, and to enhance the tools available (like our beautiful, crowd-sourced Transition Streets Handbook) and to better support the participants in this empowering project.

*Keep It Local! 75% of your donation can go to your local official Transition Initiative to bring Transition Streets to your community. When you donate, be sure to include a note in the comment section with the name of the official Transition Initiative you'd like to receive the donation. If your group isn't an official Transition Initiative yet, there is still time to register your group with Transition US and put your city on the Impact Map!



Please join this grassroots movement to build resilient community, from the ground up!

Your support for Transition Streets (your participation in Transition Streets)will not only strengthen our collective effort to reduce waste, save water, lower our carbon footprint, and build stronger and healthier communities: it will feel good! Imagine your home and community being more energy efficient, less wasteful, more connected, less stressed-out... Take a step today toward making your neighborhood a beacon of resilience. Join Transition Streets today!

Please don’t forget to forward this email and share with friends!

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Thanks for joining us in being the change!
In Community,


Nils & the Transition Streets team


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