Transition US 2014 Survey!

It’s that time of year again for the annual Transition US Initiative survey! This year we would like to know what programs are currently being implemented in your community and what you have planned for the future. This will help us gauge the broader impact of Transition, see where it is scaling up, and indicate where to focus our capacity-building resources.

If you want to go ahead and just get on with it - here is the link. (Please complete by June 20th). If you want to read more about our collaboration with Philip Barnes, a PhD student at the University of Delaware, or about Transition US's programs as a result of the 2013 survey - read on.

Some background on this survey: Questions 6 to 12 in this survey are the result of a close collaboration between Transition US and Philip Barnes, a PhD student in the School of Public Policy and Administration at the University of Delaware.  We are very happy to work with Philip who is researching the relationship between Transition Initiatives in the US and their local governments, as well as the challenges and opportunities for successful collaboration between these two groups.  The research results will be extremely beneficial for the wider Transition movement in the US because it will highlight, and share, areas where cooperation exists or has the potential to exist.  Equally, Philip’s research will identify barriers to Initiatives’ development plans and find creative ways to overcome them.  If your initiative interacts, or has interacted with local government, then please give detailed answers to those questions.  If you have any questions or comments for Philip, you can email him at  For more detailed information on his research, feel free to visit

Filling out the annual survey is invaluable because it helps Transition US determine the most appropriate areas to apply additional resources.  For example, based on the 2013 survey responses, initiatives identified three key program areas that they would like to see developed.  As Transition US continues to evolve, we will be moving forward and rolling out these new programs.  Coming soon are:

  • Transition Streets – Dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint of each neighborhood in every city by taking neighbors who live close to each other through energy, water, waste and transportation reduction measures, and creating pathways to local food.
  • REconomy – Based on the UK REconomy Project, REconomy is creating systemic shift to change the economic destinies of communities.  Examples include:  Systems of trade and exchange that are more equitable (not growth at any cost) such as business-to-business currencies, assets that are owned by more people such as coops and worker-owned enterprises, supply chains that are relocalized bringing in more dollars and jobs to the community while saving on fuel costs and reducing a community’s carbon footprint, and community investment strategies such as LION (Local Investing Opportunities Network).
  • Resilience Indicators – Transition US, in partnership with Bay Localize and the Canadian Center for Community Renewal, developed an assessment tool that helps cities and towns assess how resilient they are.  The assessment is tied to recommendations for improving overall resilience.  This program will be used to aggregate information among initiatives about resilience, and will serve to create resilience plans in each community.

We have received other great ideas from many of you and we wanted to know what else you are implementing or planning to implement.  This survey, the results of which will be shared with all participants, allows you to give us a taste.  We hope to help connect those of you working on similar efforts so learnings and models can be more widely shared.
Now that you have all the background, here again is the link to the survey (open until June 20th).

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