Transition Stories

Transition US 2014 Survey!

It’s that time of year again for the annual Transition US Initiative survey! This year we would like to know what programs are currently being implemented in your community and what you have planned for the future.

Transition Fidalgo & Friends Vision 2030

To build a better future, we first need to imagine it, and that’s just what Transition Fidalgo & Friends set out to do one year ago. Over 60 people from kids to elders set their imaginations free to wander in a future of rising climate, energy and economic impacts.  How would our community cope?

An Alternate Economies, Zero Waste Wedding

Celebrating is a key ingredient of Transition. Therese Brummel of Transition Pasadena shares the magic of a very special day held in true Transition style: her son’s wedding.

Serving Community Enterprise with the ProAction Café.

As a response to the increasingly urgent need to create thriving local enterprises and jobs, and inspired by a training in the Art of Hosting, sponsored by Transition US, Transition Mar Vista/ Venice held its first Pro Action Café on May 3rd.

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