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Community-Based Drought Response

There’s a lot of attention on the drought in California, which produces much of the country’s produce, nuts, and dairy. Last month, California Governor Jerry Brown issued an executive order with emergency regulations for water conservation, calling for a 25% reduction of water use among households and some businesses.

Soil Sisters: The Power of a Potluck

There’s power in a community potluck. 

Transition US Keynote at CSU Chico "This Way to Sustainability" Conference

"Let us use all the knowledge we have about the state of the world, and all the power we hold as young people inheriting an uncertain future, to make decisions that align our actions with our hearts."

Last month Transition US staff Marissa Mommaerts gave the closing keynote presentation at CSU Chico's “This Way to Sustainability” Conference, one of the largest student-run sustainability conferences in the country.

Now in its 10th year, this year's conference theme was “Building Resilient Communities.”

NERT-ing Out with the New England Resilience & Transition Network

On Saturday, March 21, fifty organizers and activists from all six New England states (plus one intrepid Californian) gathered in Keene NH to discuss resilience, Transition, and the future we want to create. It was an amazing chance to realize that we are not alone in this work!

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