A New Visual Brand Identity for Transition US

After 13 years of linking and supporting a national movement of communities, it was time for a change. We are excited to share with you our new visual brand identity.

At Transition US, we work with people who want to join a network of people reimagining and rebuilding our world. By sharing resources, offering training, and spotlighting local initiatives, Transition US helps residents across the country understand global challenges and cultivate healthy, resilient communities.

Our new brand identity aims to strike a balance between urgency and inspiration, encouraging immediate action without overwhelming users.

We updated our logo and wordmark to use in all our marketing material. By pairing crisp typefaces and a nature-inspired color palette with the familiar Transition sprout logo, we refreshed our visual brand identity while maintaining core design elements.

Official Transition Initiatives may also use our wordmark and logo. Please contact us at info@transitionus.org with any questions about presenting our new brand in your materials.

Our new color palette includes a range of neutrals and complementary accent colors inspired by nature.

Open Sans is the new primary font of Transition US. Open Sans was designed with an upright stress, open forms, and a neutral, yet friendly appearance. It was optimized for print, web, and mobile interfaces, and has excellent legibility characteristics in its letterforms.

As an alternative to Open Sans, Lora Regular can be used for headlines and body text. Lora is optimized for screen appearance and works equally well in print. The overall typographic voice of Lora conveys the mood of a modern-day story or an art essay.

Both Open Sans and Lora are licensed under the Open Font License and are available to use freely for projects — print or digital, commercial, or otherwise.

We use photographs of real Transition change-makers as a portal into the Transition movement. We hope to encapsulate a sense of hope, community, and action in our images. Our images show the cultural diversity of the brand. The locations of our photos are in everyday living environments, which helps people relate and connect to our brand.

Photo by Chris Bettles

Our new illustrations act as a counterpoint to the standardized core brand elements. These expressive parts of our brand are organic and playful while still communicating a message.

Illustrations from our national campaign, “From What Is to What If”

We also redesigned our website with the new identity, which we will be launching this fall.

Underneath it all, we are still the same mission-driven organization. Our mission is to catalyze and strengthen a national network of people-powered groups who are building local resilience through community action.

While fighting climate disruption, destructive economies, and growing inequality, will take a massive, coordinated effort at every level of society, Transition US is ultimately about supporting people and communities in our day to day lives — reminding us that what we do matters, and with a little guidance and a lot of determination, we can all help care for the planet and our collective future.

We hope that our new brand communicates a clear invitation to participate in Transition’s solution-oriented approach, and make anyone’s first steps in Transition just a little bit easier.