Book Club and Special Offer to Transition Initiatives on the New Paperback Edition of “From What Is to What If”

If you are looking for inspiration, add From What Is to What If: Unleashing the Power of Imagination to Create the Future We Want to your reading list. As a member of the Transition US community, you are eligible for an exclusive discount offer on the paperback edition:

  • 10+ books including shipping at 40% discount: $12 per copy
  • 20+ books including shipping at 45%: $9.87 per copy

To order, please contact Darrell Koerner at or 303-963-5612.

From What Is to What If is Rob Hopkins’ rallying cry for our imaginations — both as creatively impoverished individuals and as communities dreaming a positive vision for our future. Now, more than ever, this book is timely and relevant and demands our thoughtful attention. And surely the best way to read it is with others, discussing the ideas, and putting them to creative action!

Join the From What Is to What If book club! Read the book, and join author Rob Hopkins for a 90-minute virtual Q&A on Saturday, November 21st to cap off our collective book club reading experience!