The challenges our communities face are immense: natural disasters, housing crises, food insecurity, political dysfunction, and more.

But the solutions are simpler than you may think.

Our team holds decades of cumulative experience supporting communities to become more just, regenerative, and resilient. We are part of an international learning network rich in best practices from around the world.
From facilitating community visioning and engagement processes to developing a community land trust, municipal composting program, equitable climate action plan, and more, Transition US can support your community to not only survive but thrive in these challenging times. Our areas of expertise include:

Catalyzing Community Engagement

Connecting municipal goals and processes to community participation and action 

Regenerative Economies

Community land trusts, community development corporations, worker cooperatives, community energy projects, participatory budgeting, public banking, regenerative businesses, zero waste, and more

Livable Communities

Design, transportation, walkability, secure/affordable/ecological housing

Regenerating Ecosystems

Neighborhoods, public lands, watersheds, and more

We also provide technical assistance in the following areas:

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