Dear friends and fellow Transitioners,

2021 was, undeniably, another tough year for everyone. A proliferation of climate-fueled
disasters, an attempted coup of our federal government, and a persistently inept response
to the coronavirus pandemic are just a few of the many signs that we are wading into
increasingly dangerous waters. 

However, even as national and international leaders have continued to prove unwilling and unable to take action that’s
equal to the challenges of our time, we have been busy laying the groundwork and building power from the bottom up for
a truly just and regenerative future.

We are far from alone in this. Not only is so much great work happening throughout our Transition network here in the
United States (as you can see from the many local initiatives and impactful stories featured in this report), but the wider
movement for regenerative communities is also rapidly growing, maturing, and weaving itself together in increasingly
hopeful ways. Our 2021 ReGenerative Communities Summit – with its 53 events, 1,100 participants, and 39 sponsors and
partners – was both a powerful demonstration of the diversity and vibrancy of this movement and a call to continue
supporting each other, learning from each other, and working more closely together moving forward.

We at Transition US are working hard to build on this momentum through our new, three-year ReGeneration Nation
campaign, which aims to make the regenerative vision and regenerative solutions universally known as desirable and
viable alternatives to the status quo. By connecting the dots between and shining a light on the thousands of brilliant
examples of regeneration that already exist scattered throughout this country, we will make the case that a better world is
possible and help move millions of people out of despair and apathy into action.

Accomplishing this will require more collaboration, support, savvy, and daring than ever before, but we are ready. Over the
past several years, we have been gradually growing our staff team, improving our finances, strengthening our network,
updating our strategy and communications, and deepening our commitment to equity and social justice in preparation
for this moment. Now is the time to make a great leap forward. We have no time to waste.

For my part, I will be taking a six-month sabbatical from Transition US starting in February to finish writing a book –
Evolutionary Change: From Personal to Global Transformation – that I’ve been working on for a few years now and thinking
about for over a decade. However, I leave this organization in the very capable hands of our new Executive Director, Jessica
Alvarez Parfrey, and look forward to returning later in the year as Training Director!

Wishing you and yours a 2022 filled with regeneration.

In Community,
Don Hall
for Transition US