From Burnout to Flourishing

Sustaining those in the Sustainability Movement - Learn how to recognize and recover from burnout. In this session, we'll be sharing from the heart space, experience restorative meditation and movement, and learn about the next steps. Let's fill our cups and give from the overflow, in the most regenerative way possible!   Host: Jen Andreani …

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Lunch & Learn: Inner Resilience Network

ReGenerative Communities Summit

Inner Resilience is an absolutely essential part of Transition, and as we increasingly feel the impacts of climate change and other global challenges, the need to deepen Inner Resilience resources and skills will become more and more visible. Already a number of TI leaders have asked for partnership with networks of mental health specialists to …

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Workshop: One Word Sawalmem

ReGenerative Communities Summit

In his uplifting and internationally-acclaimed short film One Word Sawalmem, Michael “Pom” Preston of the Winnemem Wintu tribe of Mt. Shasta, California gives us a rare look into the life of local Native wisdom keepers – people who hold humanity’s most intimate knowledge about how to live in balance with the Earth and how to …

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Workshop: Regional Food Systems: Essential for Resilience

ReGenerative Communities Summit

Regional Food Systems Societies have always traded with one another, creating long-term partnerships with neighboring communities and even people on the other side of the world. But as trade routes have become dominated by a few giant corporations, the idea of re-establishing routes closer to home has become more popular. Learn how each of the …

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Communities Rising for Regeneration vs Destruction: War and Its Impact on The Climate Crisis

Our ballooning US military budget (larger than the next ten countries combined) diverts funds from desperately-needed responses to both community health and social service needs, as well as climate crisis challenges. For perspective: In 2020, we spent .028% of our discretionary budget on renewables, compared to over 60% on the military. And a lesser known …

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Fierce Vulnerability in Community: Trauma Healing for Systemic Change

In this one-hour gathering, we will explore ways in which community-based trauma healing can be a modality for effective direct action in the larger world. The Sanskrit word for "Direct Action" - Satyagraha - means "truth telling." Change being fractal, the question we will explore is "How can individual trauma healing transform a community through embodied …

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Lunch & Learn: Daring Conversations “How do you see Transition’s relationship with…?”

ReGenerative Communities Summit

Join the TUS Politics & Policy Working Group for a fishbowl-style conversation space to talk about some of the political, economic, cultural, and strategic perspectives among Transitioners on big questions, such as: How do you see Transition’s relationship with capitalism and its alternatives?  What position(s) do Transition folk take vis-à-vis capitalism and its alternatives? How …

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Council: Building Bridges

ReGenerative Communities Summit

Building off of our many courageous and connecting conversations we’d like to host a space for Transitioners and all our allies, partners and change makers everywhere to talk about how we can best work together going forward, a space to speak honestly and deeply about real challenges and differences, areas needing evolution, as well as …

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What is Arising?

As we discuss and reflect on the current and future realities of the world, we likely will feel a whole host of emotions, if we allow ourselves. We may feel sad, excited, frightened, hopeful - or all of these. In this space, we invite you to come, show-up, and share your feelings with us and …

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Lunch & Learn: Introducing Beetcoin and AHA!

ReGenerative Communities Summit

In its first decade, the slow money movement catalyzed the flow of $80 million to more than 800 organic farms and local food enterprises via volunteer-led groups in dozens of communities.  Entering our second decade, we are launching the new site to support the widespread replication of local SOIL groups that make 0% loans.  In tandem …

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Evening of ARTivists!

ReGenerative Communities Summit

The vision of a regenerative future is a reality, we NEED artists and culture workers. Artists challenge cultural narratives, shift imagery, and inspire emotions in a way that traditional political methods alone simply cannot. In “Change the Culture, Change the World,” artist Favianna Rodriguez said “You may attend a rally or vote, but you also …

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Cultivating Compassion, Transforming Conflict

ReGenerative Communities Summit

A meditation and discussion to open our minds and hearts to each other, to listen and inquire more deeply, and to turn conflict into an opportunity for growth, healing, and evolution. Join teachers for tools, practices, and processes around the way we work with conflict in our collaborative groups and projects. This event is being …

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