Resist What Stands In The Way of Love, Justice & Healing

Resist complicity in systems of oppression. Resist capitalism.
Resist colonialism. Resist wealth accumulation. Resist pollution. Our anger is sacred & instructive. Resist all that stands in the way of collective liberation and healing. 

Repair & Reclaim Right Relationships

We hold immense power to return to wholeness, to transform fragmentation and fear into vibrant & interdependent ecosystems of care and creativity. Repair our watersheds. Repair our food systems. Repair our relationship to the earth and one another. 

Reimagine What's Possible

To imagine is a radical act, a reclamation of your power and creative vision. Working in synchronicity the head, heart, and hands unlock  expansive possibilities. New worlds are born when we weave our visions and vital expression into liberated realities. 

Regenerate The Land & Our Spirit

Sacred instruction, regeneration is the seed of life, renewal and rebirth. A cleansing flame, illuminating opportunities for healing, power in purpose, and a return to the cycles of the earth.