Let's Build A Regenerative & Just Future, Together.​

By becoming a Movement ReGenerator, you will be joining a visionary network of change-makers and investors who believe in the work of building a regenerative and just future – NOW. We believe in uplifting the power of people and place to create new landscapes of hope. We are calling forward visionaries from across the country to the Transition journey at this pivotal moment in time!

With a regular monthly investment in our work or a yearly gift of $100 or more, join our Movement ReGenerators Circle and help Transition US build regenerative ecosystems of care, collaboration, and creativity!

Members of the Movement ReGenerators Circle receive a variety of perks including a monthly newsletter with updates on the ReGeneration Nation campaign, special access to events and trainings, recognition in our Year End Review, and a thoughtful thank you gift.

Support Our ReGeneration Nation Campaign Work

We believe that nurturing and healing our relationships to people, place, and the larger web of life of which we are a part, is absolutely essential during these times of transition and transformation. Political dysfunction, rampant inequities, ecocide, and extractive economies move us further away from the world we would want to leave to future generations, so what can we do NOW to turn the tide? All across Turtle Island (and the lands we refer to as the United States), we can see bright lights guiding us forward: brilliant and brave community-led innovations helping us to reclaim our power and reimagine the design of our society. 

We can live in right relationship to the life-support systems of the earth, we can heal ourselves and our communities, and we know that we must. Moving through the personal, local/municipal, regional level, and beyond, we are embarking on a transformative three-year campaign journey to strengthen and enliven our networks and uplift the greater regenerative communities movement. This is our time to dig deep and dream big.

Together, We Are ReGeneration Nation

TUS National Network Organizer, Marissa Mommaerts, and Programs Director, Jess Alvarez Parfrey (both movement moms) share their excitement for the regenerative communities movement, and why we need your support to grow ReGeneration Nation today! 

Your meaningful investment will help to nurture our emerging ReGeneration Nation campaign work and support the growing ecosystem of communities working to reimagine and rebuild our world, from the grassroots up!

As a Movement ReGenerator

 Your monthly investment will energize:

  • Staff, volunteers, and movement leaders 
  • Special webinars, calls, and events with Transition leaders and the larger regenerative communities ecosystem
  • Opportunities to grow and support new projects and collaborations
  • Our new ReGeneration Nation Campaign work
Transition US is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which makes all donations to us tax-deductible. Make your donation by December 31 to ensure that it can be deducted this year’s taxes.
" We get a lot of support from the network: resources, workshops, and training, connection, and encouragement. Seeing how powerful that is, I decided to step out of my local comfort zone and volunteer for Transition US and help them grow this movement. I also decided to donate generously. "
Kaat Vander Straeten
Transition Wayland
" The work of creating a framework for a just sustainable world needs to be funded for it to take flight. "
Ayako Nagano
Transition US Board
" Imagine what could be done if Transition US had the resources and staff to expand our efforts 2-fold, 4-fold, or even 10-fold! Imagine how many existing Transition Initiatives we could provide real support to, and how many emerging Initiatives we could nurture. Imagine flows of information, energy, action, and inspiration across the country! "
Mark Juedeman
Transition US Board Emeritus