The ReGeneration Corps

The Network

ReGeneration Corps is a pillar of ReGeneration Nation, a broader 3-year campaign to support and mobilize a new generation of climate leadership, amplify network connectivity to build the regenerative economy, and make the vision of a just and regenerative future known throughout the U.S. and beyond as an accessible, attractive and credible alternative to the status quo.  

At its heart, ReGeneration Corps is a network-powered intergenerational and intercultural leadership and livelihood program that will build political and economic power in support of just and regenerative communities focusing on the local-regional nexus. ReGeneration Corps (RC) intends to train, resource and mobilize dozens of emerging leaders to grow and amplify the essential work of building the ReGenerative Communities movement in this time of transformation and transition. 

2021-2024 ReGeneration Corps work will focus on centering and nurturing the leadership of Youth, BIPOC, and other underrepresented and emerging leaders working at the local and regional scale. In order to build successful and credible alternatives to the status quo, we believe that this work must be intersectional, intergenerational, and intercultural.

We invite experienced movement leaders and organizational partners with a track record of community impact to join us as ReGeneration Corp Network Advisors, Collaborators, or Site Hosts.


We need to come together as a network to make ReGeneration Corps a success! Please join us by:

  • Investing in the ReGeneration Corps by becoming a Movement ReGenerator.
  • Helping us identify values-aligned business sponsors to help us grow our work.
  • Participating in inspired local action during the ReGeneration Nation Week of Action each fall, beginning in 2022!

The ReGeneration Corps Network represents the living systems view and the critical infrastructure needed to support the ReGeneration Corps program and broader ReGeneration Nation campaign. Our work to build regenerative communities requires place-based relationship building and investment.

We’ll explore partnerships with local and regional groups, farms, intentional communities, municipalities, values-aligned businesses, and more, and will need to have a trusted cohort of community guides to assist ReGeneration Corps participants in navigating community work and relationships. At the heart of the network are the relationships and collaborative projects that we work to co-create and amplify:

  • Advisors invest their expertise and experience to provide guidance and support based on mutual alignment.
  • Collaborators invest time in developing or enhancing strategies, projects, curriculum, trainings, etc. Successful collaborations also allow us to effectively align, amplify, and innovate on existing work across the greater regenerative communities movement.
  • Investors – both donors and sponsors – are essential to the successful development of this work. If you feel called to see this work grow and succeed we invite you to donate to Transition US and consider joining our Movement ReGenerators Circle.
  • Site Hosts work to support ReGeneration Corps members with access to basic needs including regenerative and just employment, safe and affordable housing, healthy food access, and community connections.
  • Transition US will seek funding to provide partial financial support for each Corps position, and will work with local/regional hosting groups to develop the capacity and resources to provide the remainder of financial or in-kind support (housing, etc.), equivalent to a local living wage, for each Corps member, along with access to robust resources for skill-building and leadership development.
  • We’re working to develop additional guidance and support for Site Hosts and welcome those who are interested in hosting and supporting ReGeneration Corps participants to complete the form below.