ReGeneration Nation Magazine

Inaugural issue

Spring 2022

In honor of Spring, our ReGeneration Nation campaign, and all of the amazing people who are actively working to build more regenerative and just communities – we present ReGeneration Nation magazine!
Every quarter we will be offering an inside look at
Transition US as well as uplifting the amazing visions,
voices within the greater regenerative communities
movement. This quarter we are acknowledging the
work of the amazing womxn and femmes who help to
build, nurture, innovate, and keep us connected in this
If you have an idea or story to share for upcoming
issues please reach outto!

Summer 2022

Capitalism robs us of the ability to imagine and thus create. Just as pests and disease thrive in an mono-culture agriculture field; capitalism prospers in a monotonous environment where monotony is a symbol of class status.
For decades have we been told that our oppressive institutional structures will always be a way of life, a statement passed down generation to generation impeding any creativity or radical imagination before it sprouts. As society has been stretched to ends previously un-imaginable, this stretching has also provided a realization that there is SPACE beyond the margins we’ve been confined to.
Let this edition be an affirmation that another world is indeed possible, one where joy and rest is abundant.

Fall 2022

As we transition from summer to autumnal times, we shift gears towards inward reflections. What are we harvesting from summer’s abundance? How can we carry on our harvests enough to last us through the next nipping months?
At Transition US, we took summer to strategize and radically reimagine our structure to reflect the paradigmatic shifts occurring in the world. We asked ourselves: “How can we fill into this universal call of deeper connection to upgrade the levels of regenerative healing?”
Albeit a frightening leap forward into the unknown
and new treacherous journey we were stepping into, we lept. This edition showcases the seeds we sowed in
spring and summer, with faith that a plentiful harvest would come and so it did with the divine timing in its own playful and unique design.