October 10-16, 2022

Week of Action Solidarity Creativity Community

So What's The Week of Action All About?

 This Fall join communities across the country who are coming together to demonstrate the courage, creativity, and joy that is needed to truly reimagine and rebuild our world. We are calling all people who believe we must meaningfully move beyond extraction, inequity, and injustice to join us for a week of living into the work and play of creating thriving, resilient, and regenerative communities! 

The week of action is a call to catalyze & celebrate connections & collaborations at a local and regional level, honoring the power of place and the web of relationships that weaves us all together. The week of action is also a reminder that the actions and commitments we make to create a more regenerative and just world make a difference, and that NOW has never been a more powerful time to get started. Kicking off on Indigenous People’s Day, the week of action will be anchored by a call for solidarity and meaningful collaboration that helps us all to heal and transform beyond extractive and oppressive systems that continue to harm people and planet. Recognizing the unique skills, gifts, talents, and experiences we all bring to this work can help us all to weave a new narrative, and share a powerful collective story about the regenerative future we are building right now! Are you In? 

What Are The Goals?

  • Amplify the work of communities across the country who are committed to living into the regenerative and just transition that we need to get us through these times of deep transformation 
  • Solidarity & meaningful intercultural/intergenerational collaborations & dialogue
  • Utilize social media, art, and storytelling to uplift the messages and models of the regenerative communities movement 
  • Inspire and support communities to create new projects and collaborations 
  • Inspire and support communities to connect with one another and create (bio)regional collaborations  
  • 200+ communities or organizations across the country in participation 

How Do I Participate?

It’s really simple, pledge to take action and share your WHY and WHERE with us! Click the Take Action button below! Organize a new project drawing inspiration from the R4 themes of Resist, Repair, Reimagine, and Regenerate, revive a community project or initiative that could use some renewed love and life force. Whether you are passionate about soil, food systems, housing or healthcare, if it is rooted in the spirit of transformation and building a more regenerative, just, and joyful world- we want to know about it!  Pledge to take action in your community whether it be at a neighborhood, local or regional level and help us to put our collective work on the map. By being able to visualize the growing connections and opportunities for deeper collaboration, care, and creativity across the country we believe the greater Regenerative Communities Movement can continue to build critical momentum and energize more communities from east to west and north south.