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In November and December of 2015, I visited a couple of places in India that inspired some questions and thoughts about what is involved in protecting the earth. I was particularly impressed with...

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The Transition Movement is grounded in the belief that the industrial growth paradigm has had, and is having, very damaging consequences on our lives and life on earth. To extricate ourselves from...


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Transition Culture

Inner Transition Coordinator, Claire Milne, shares about the Cultural Emergence Leadership Training she recently participated in and the promise it holds for those of us longing to support our groups, communities, family or organisations to unleash their genius and gifts.As I sat there alone in the...


While floating schools certainly aren’t solving the climate crisis in The Gambia and the many other coastal countries where they’ve emerged, they’ve proven to be an ingenious adaptation—one that Saikou feels lucky to be part of.

Transition Voice

Lindsay and Erik Curren. Editor’s note: This piece was written after an abundance of frustration at what appears to be a complete lack of understanding about our political process, something that perhaps watching the conventions might change. But in the meantime, if you don’t have...

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