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Far Rockaway: A Beacon for Mid-Atlantic Coastal Communities Statement by the Mid-Atlantic Transition Hub (MATH)

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We’re excited to find the right person to serve as our new Communications & Special Projects Coordinator!


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Transition Culture

From July to September we will be highlighting content and key themes for this year’s Transition Network International Conference. This first piece looks at the growth of community energy in the UK with our own Naresh Giangrande and Chris Rowland of OVESCO who will be presenting at the Conference....


Energy is often called the ‘lifeblood’ of civilisation, yet the overconsumption of fossil energy lies at the heart of two of the greatest challenges facing humanity today: climate change and peak oil.

Transition Voice

If you’d like, I’m what you’d call an ex-(aspiring) filmmaker, an early vanguard of what promises to be, in one way or another, an eventual mass exodus from the film and television industries. I won’t go into my reasoning behind film and television’s future demise...