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We’re thrilled about all the news coverage Transition Streets has been receiving. Most recently the Transition Streets San Diego crew was interviewed by NPR’s Here & Now. Check it out! http://...

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After more than a year in the making (with lots of expert and volunteer support) we have finally released our neighborhood carbon/water/waste reduction project, Transition Streets. If you are...


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On May 20th in Brussels, the Second Interdisciplinary Symposium on Sustainable Development took place.  The opening session brought together Rob Hopkins of Transition Network and Gunter Pauli of the Blue Economy, who calls himself a "serial entrepreneur".  According to Wikipedia, "Le...

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In my life there are two things that have the effect of at least somewhat isolating me from others. The first is being a writer on climate change, peak oil, and the economic crises bound up with those modern predicaments. The other is being a Christian environmentalist. In the first case, my...